Our Mission

Northern was founded in May 2009 by The Olympia All-Ages project, a group of passionate community organizers committed to promoting all-ages events in the City of Olympia. All-ages venues play an integral role in any vital music scene, and Olympia was in dire need of a dedicated all-ages space for youth and teens to enjoy the rich musical heritage of their city. Over the past three decades, Olympia’s legendary DIY punk and independent music scene has actively encouraged the integration of music and visual arts, making music and arts more accessible to all. The cultural impact of Olympia fixtures K Records, Kill Rock Stars and The Olympia Film Society, as well as organized festivals such as Ladyfest, The International Pop Underground and Yoyo-A-Gogo, have forever changed the way independent music and art are engaged by all-ages audiences. The music and contemporary arts scene is exploding in the Pacific Northwest. Olympia, located halfway between Portland and Seattle, is an ideal destination for touring bands and emerging artists to showcase their work in a supportive arts community. Northern and The Olympia All-Ages Project serve a vital role in maintaining Olympia’s rich musical history by creating a professional space run by volunteers with a DIY ethos and a passion for the arts.